Monday, 2 May 2011

Tag: My life in 20 questions (...or not)

1. What's your favourite colour?
Blue and Green. I couldn't just pick one.

2. What's your favourite number?
7 and I don't think I have a reason for this...

3. What is your dream career?

This is a toughie! There is so many things I would like to do that I honestly wouldn't know. I'll go with writer. It's something I really enjoy doing and waste a lot of time doing anyway, so I may as well get paid for it ;) But one thing I'd like to give a try is Radio DJ. My mum has said before I have the personality for it. Plus, I'm obsessed with music so it would be like heaven for me, working somewhere that plays music all day long (:

4. Where do you see yourself living when your older?
In my twenties I'd like to have an apartment in the city. But as for when I'm 30+ then a country styled house big enough for my own little family to live. 

5. Where is your favourite place to travel?
My family usually goes on holiday every year to Spain. So I love going there to just be with my family. I don't mind going to the same place like 20 times! I love Greece as well. When I'm older though, I'd love to go and travel around the World.

6. What do you do in your free time?
Youtube! I'm addicted to it. I also always listen to music, if I'm not listening to it on my iHome then I'm listening to it on my iPod or Youtube (again, Ah-mazing) I love reading as well. I also like just being with my mum - whether it's shopping, talking, giggling or making fun of each other  (:

7. Favourite clothing stores?
New Look, Topshop, H&M and Primark.

8. Dream car?

Finally, A question that's straightforward and VERY easy (:
A Mitsubishi Warrior. 

9. Favourite TV shows?
Vampire Diaries, Waterloo Road, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Teen Mom, the Ellen Degeneres show.

10. Name 3 people you love?
1. My mum - She is just everything to me ♥,
2. My best friend - She's my other half (:
3. My other best friend - He too is a huge part of me 

11. Something you can't sleep without?
Not exactly what the question meant but - telling my mum I love her.

12. If you won 1 million pounds, what would you spend it on?
I'd give £500, 000 to my mum. £50, 000 to my sister. £50, 000 to charity or people that I know who need help (money wise) I'd save the rest for when I'm older and want my own family home or something.

13. Your celebrity crushes?

Will Smith , Robert Pattinson, James Corden and Chris Martin. Just to name a few.

14. Favourite snack?
Hmm, I'm probably going to sound boring but fruit! Strawberries, Apples, Bananas and Grapes. Oh, and white chocolate buttons!

15. Favourite animal?
I have several. Pigs, Penguins and Ducks (that's an animal right?!)

16. Favourite season?
In England it's like Winter all year round! So anything warm I'd be happy with.

17. Favourite childhood TV shows?
Barney, Arthur, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (yes, I'm a girl!), Art Attack and Powerpuff girls.

18.  Name a Favourite Youtuber?

Nerimon (Alex Day) ♥,

19. Who do you hold close to your heart?
I wonder! Ha, My mum...yet again (:

20. A band you like at the moment?
Two Door Cinema Club.


  1. That jeep would be amazing, i'd feel so powerful! xx

  2. I didn't know you were a Brit! I absolutly ADORE british accents, mostly becuase of George Harrison<3<3 Follow me, an Americana?

  3. @Orla Yes, I've loved that car for so long!
    @Zebra Haha, Yup British all the way (: I don't understand how the British accent sounds so interesting but ha, I'm like that with American accents!

  4. just stumbled across your blog, it's so pretty! and agree with so many of your answers here! love two door cinema club, can't wait to see them this summer! x

  5. I enjoyed this post, thanks!
    New Follower:)
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