Sunday, 8 May 2011

5 Loves Of The Week (:

Okay, So I decided that every Sunday I am going to pick 5 things that I have loved during that week. It can be anything from books to make-up - just anything I have loved that week! (:
This week's are:

The Body Shop Neroli Jasmin perfume - I have used this scent every day this week! It reminds me a little of Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

Ally Carter's new books - I'm not too sure of the name of this series! They're the perfect read for teenage girls (: I've read three out of five in the series and so far - they've kept me reading. I don't normally like series because I think that the first is always the best and the rest will be a let down but each book in this series have been exciting so far (:

T Zone Clear Pore Gel Facial Wash. I've found that using this two times daily has improved my skin! Even my mum's using it :') 

Primark candle in French Lavender (Sweet Pea happens to be just as lovely) I didn't think that Primark candles would be very good. I was stuck in a rut, always buying Vanilla scented candles but these are equally as good! Great considering the price - £1.50 
PS. I'm obsessed with candles! 

And of course, the forever trusty Bastiste Dry Shampoo in Original. I'm also obsessed with washing my hair - I know, I know it's bad for it but I can't help it! I like being clean and not having greasy hair. But ever since I tried my first tin of this - It's okay if I miss a day (during the weekend only though!) because I know I can use my dry shampoo and be done with (:

So those are my 5 loves of the week. I'll be doing this every Sunday from now.
Also, just a quick Thank You to all my followers! I really didn't expect to get 40 followers in 1 week - so I'm very very grateful! 


  1. That Body Shop perfume is gorgeous, I use it every day! xo

  2. Those books are the best! I can't remember the name of the series either...

  3. congrats on 40 followers in one week! that is so impressive! and i love dry shampoo too! :)

  4. your blog is SO cute, definatly agree on all these things! am now a follower.
    please check out my blog:


  5. i recently brought a primark candle, and surprising it is really nice!
    i got sweet pea- quite similar to yankee candles :o)

  6. I LOOOOVVE candles, too. ;P Candles, candles, candles... I can't get enough!

  7. Hey! I've awarded you with the stylish blogger award!