Sunday, 26 June 2011

Internet's gone walkies!

I'm super sorry that I haven't posted in ages!
 My internet has gone off :(
As soon as it's back on, I'll be back with a million and one posts!
I hope you're all having an amazing weekend (:

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Who you finna try?

I really don't have to explain why I like this video. 
Just watch it!

Did you laugh? (:

I've left!

Just a little post to tell you, I finally left School on Friday. I should've been happy on the day but instead I was sobbing my heart out :') Oh deary me. Anyway this means I'll have lots of posts coming up!

Later on today I'll be doing my 5LOTW (: I think I'll also add a funny YouTube video, Just to get things running.

Hope your all having a lovely Sunday! (:

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Coming soon...

Hello girls, how is your week so far going?

I can finally say I only have 3 days left of school... EVER! (:
I'm so glad to be leaving, I can honestly say I have not enjoyed my school experience but I'm really looking forward to college. I know it probably seems stupid but,
1) I can get away from the 'horrid' people
2) I can actually get a decent education
and 3) I can meet new people (:

Anyway, I can finally begin 'proper' blogging after Friday! With school I haven't really managed with the 2 mixed together but now that I'll have free time I'll be able to be a good blogger! 

I've got all the requests planned. There'll be book posts, hauls, beauty reviews and more personal stuff. All of which you've asked for so I hope you'll all like it :)

Also if you've got any requested posts, suggest them to me in the comments please!
Thank you.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Happy Birthday Mum!

Finally - the day has come! (: 
It's this Beautiful woman's Birthday.

She is THE best mum...ever. Yes, I know - Most people will say that about their own mum. 
But seriously this woman is amazing!
She always puts me and my younger sister first, no matter what the situation is.
Even when things aren't going too great - she still tries to make us happy.
She was born to be a Mummakins (:

I hope she has the best day CELEBRATING her Birthday (and not moaning about looking older - trust me, this woman is crazy!)

Here's just a little look at what me and my sister got her,

 she'll probably post many more pictures on her blog (:

And here are some random pictures of her:

Mum and my sister on a boat in Wales (:

The happy couple on a night out.

Lauren Luke, Mum and my sister at the  Lauren Luke book signing (:

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday! 

Saturday, 21 May 2011

...and relax

I'm just sat relaxing with a cup of tea after a very long day shopping for tomorrow (:
I normally don't like tea (I'm a coffee addict instead!) but I'm loving Twinings Traditional Tea 

Tomorrow is my mum's birthday 
She doesn't seem too excited at the fact that she's getting older but I'm excited!
I love buying her stuff because she seriously deserves a treat, having to cope with me and my younger sister 24/7 must be hard work.
She always puts us first without even having to think about it so it's about time it's the other way around!

A special birthday post will be coming tomorrow, along with MANY pictures (:

I'll also be catching up with your requested posts so keep an eye out for those.
Hope you've all had a lovely Saturday!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday.

Hello you wonderful followers (:
It's Wednesday, only 2 days left of the week and then I can chillax...
GCSE's are stressful and here's me wanting to go to College and University!

I could really do with your help girls! - What kind of posts do you like? I need requests or tags. So if you have any ideas of what you want me to do next just comment please! (:

Anyway, how is YOUR week going so far?